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UHMW Block Products Including UHMW Wheels,UHMW Pulley,sleeve and Bushings
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Product: Views:335UHMW Block Products Including UHMW Wheels,UHMW Pulley,sleeve and Bushings 
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Uhmw block products including uhmw wheels,uhmw pulley,sleeve and bushings

UHMW block can be made by cutting UHMW sheet ,or by extruding directly . UHMW block can be used as cushion block ,or be processed as wheels and pulley .UHMW sleeve and UHMW bushings are usually made by extrusion .

1. The choice of wheel must take into some factors into account ,such as the width of road ,the type of barriers ,the working environment and the supporting weight of wheels .For example ,the rubber wheel can’t bear acid ,oil and chemicals ;the steel wheel can’t bear moist and chemicals easy to be aged ,nylon wheel has high water absorption ability ,in conclusion ,the UHMW wheels are suitable for special condition like the space very cold ,with chemicals ,very humid ,or very bad road .Generally the wheel of bigger diameter is easier to be moved ,the better material of wheels can protect the surface of road .

2. The traditional pulley is made by cast iron or cast steel ,although it can bear more weight ,but the wear resistance is not good ,and it will damage the steel wire ,in addition ,the manufacturing cost is much more than plastic pulley (UHMW pulley) .The UHMW pulley has not bad strength than steel ,the manufacture is easier .With suitable additive ,the factory can make different usage pulley for various circumstance .If the client can replace the steel pulley by UHMW pulley ,the service life can be prolonged 4-5 times ,the steel wire’s service life can be prolonged 10 times ,the total weight can be reduced 70% ,and never be corroded ,no need to add lubricating oil and make maintenance ,easy to install and change .

3. Plastic sleeve won’t rust ,it has very low friction factor ,so it hardly make friction with contents inside .The common used plastic sleeve is Teflon sleeve and UHMW sleeve ,Teflon sleeve has good heat resistance ,UHMW sleeve has good cold resistance .Compared with other plastic sleeves,UHMW sleeve has lighter weight ,the lowest friction coefficient ,the service life is the longest .

4. Bushings is a ring form covering of valve or bearing ,plastic bushings have wider using range than others ,among them ,UHMW bushings are the most common used model .The function of bushing is sealing ,for sliding bearings ,we must use the most wear resistant material which is UHMW bushing ,meanwhile UHMW bushing will save the cost of bearings ,it will support wear instead of bearing .Besides ,UHMW bushing can reduce noise and vibration during running .